Fruity Air Freshener Gel Assorted

Reference: 030629
Fragrance: Coconut, Red fruits, Cinnamon, Mango
Peso neto: 100 g
Size: 70x40x150 mm
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 01.1
This gel is an air freshener and deodoriser that offers long-lasting fragrance and eliminates odours. Recommended for homes, offices and cars. Recommended for use in homes, offices and cars.
This gel is a deodoriser and air freshener that eliminates odours and offers a lasting fragrance. Recommended for use at home, in offices and cars.

Contains: Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants; less than 5% perfume.

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Remove the label. Do not place near heat sources.
Top notes: Coconut, Vanilla
Body notes: Caramel, orange, peach
Base notes: Vanilla, sweet.