Pack 10 Spirals Citronella

Reference: 052928
Fragrance: Citronella
Size: 1374 x 137 x 25 mm
Sales Format:Display 8 Unities
Serie: 02.1c1
With natural Citronella essence. Eliminates odours, practical freshener for protecting your home.
Set of 10 citronella spiral incenses
Incienso aromatizado con aceite de Citronela.
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Separate the two spirals by holding the two central points with your thumb and forefinger of each hands and gently pulling outwards. Be careful not to force them to prevent them from breaking. Place the spiral on the metal holder. Light the end of the spiral using a lighter or match. After use, put out the spiral if there is any remaining.
10 citronella spirals with burner holders.