Humidifier Reno

Reference: 214074
Volume: 220 ml
Size: 9x9x14cm
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Serie: 0difpequeño19
Ultrasonic cold humidifier, Multi-colored led light, Air purifier, Cotton filter, Silent, Low consumption, USB connection
The humidifier allows cleaning of environmental pollution and increases the quality of the air, making it healthier and better oxygenation. It helps reduce stress and fatigue. Purifies indoor air and neutralizes static electricity, creating a general feeling of being nice.
1. To open, turn the cover to the right. 2. Add clean water to the tank. Do not exceed the maximum amount of filling. 3. To close, push and turn the cover to the left. Connect the USB cable to the DC input and then to a USB power adapter. 4. Press the button to turn on the device. It will begin to emit steam and the lights will start to change colors. 5. Press again to turn off the steam emission and leave the colored lights on. Press and hold the button for 3 sec. to choose the current light color. Press and hold again for 3 sec. to turn off the light. 6. The lights will turn off after 1 hour of operation. 7. The device will turn off automatically after 4 hours of continuous operation. Press the button to turn it on again.
Contains RENO Humidifier, Instruction Manual, Filter, USB Cable