Humidifier Lápiz

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Volume: 230 ml
Size: 7,5x7,5x15,5
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Ultrasonic cold humidifier, Multi-colored led light, Air purifier, Cotton filter, Silent, Low consumption, USB connection
The humidifier allows cleaning of environmental pollution and increases the quality of the air, making it healthier and better oxygenation. It helps reduce stress and fatigue. Purifies indoor air and neutralizes static electricity, creating a general feeling of being nice.
1. To open, turn the cover counter-clockwise. 2. Add clean water to the reservoir. Do not exceed the maximum filling quantity. 3. To close, turn the cover clockwise. Connect the USB cable to the micro USB port in and then to a USB power adapter. 4. Press the button to turn on the device, start spray in continuous mode. Press again for intermittent spray mode. Press again to turn off the spray. 5. Press for 1.5 sec to turn on the light of the device. Press again for 1.5 sec to turn off the light of the device. 6. The light will turn off after 1 hour of operation. 7. The device will turn off automatically after 8 hours of continuous operation, 12 hours if it is in intermittent mode. Press the button to turn it on again.- To replace swab, pull out the cotton swab from the plastic tube and replace it with a new swab. (Fig.5) - Please note the spring at the bottom of the tube when replacing the swab. (Fig.6)
Contains LAPIZ Humidifier, Instruction Manual, Filter, USB Cable