Gold Cuore Mini Cologne

Reference: 056995
Fragrance: Flowers, Fruits
Volume: 20 ml
Sales Format:Display 23 Unities
Serie: 02.2
Eau de Parfum for women. A complex and ambitious fragrance with fruity and floral notes.
Displau of 23 units + gift tester.
Cuore Gold belongs to the family of floral-fruity fragrances being a complex and ambitious fragrance for women that all men dream of seducing.
Spray the Eau de Parfum 10 centimetres away from your skin, preferably on the pulse points: behind your ears, neck, nape and wrists, to make the fragrance last longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.
A scent that begins with leaves of orange blossom, neroli and raspberries, giving way to a body of orange blossom and Arabian jasmine. The background combines notes of patchouli and honey, leaving a sensual and lasting aroma giving that sexy touch.
Display of 23 units + gift tester.