Mon Amie Mini Cologne Assorted

Reference: 045883
Fragrance: Flowers, Fruits, Citrus
Volume: 30 ml
Sales Format:Display 30 Unities
Serie: 02.2
Eau de Parfum for women. Fragrances with floral, fruit and citrus notes.
Assorted display of 30 units.
Display arrangement of various products.
- 044978 Purple - Sexy - Floral Fruity
- 044961 Red - Sweet - Fruityl Floral
- 044930 Pink - Inocent - Floral Fruity
- 044947 Green - Irresistible - Floral Fruity
- 044954 Blue - Elegant - Citric Aromatic
Spray the Eau de Parfum 10 centimetres away from your skin, preferably on the pulse points: behind your ears, neck, nape and wrists, to make the fragrance last longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.
Purple: Floral Fruit.
Red: Floral Fruit.
Pink: Floral Fruit.
Green: Floral Fruit.
Blue: Aromatic Citrus.
Assorted display of 30 units.